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Education Vacation

Travelers are increasingly looking to use their valuable vacation time not only for much needed rest, relaxation and a change of scenery but also for the chance to engage in exciting, new experiences.

Whether your stay with us is short or long, we're happy to be able to offer you some great opportunities to expand your horizons in fun and easy ways.

Cooking Classes

  • • Your private villa is your classroom
  • • Includes up to six people
  • • 3 hour activity
  • • $275 plus groceries, cash only
  • • Menu selected in advance
  • • Requires a reservation in a property with a full kitchen

“If you're looking for a great way to get to know the local cuisine, why not make it yourself?”

Costa Rica's tropical climate is the perfect environment for growing some of the world's best ingredients – which can be used to prepare both the local fare and a wide range of international dishes. Treat yourself and your group to one or more personal cooking classes with our locally-renowned chefs.

This hands-on experience will be sure to top your list of vacation memories and provide you with some great new tricks and tips you can use at home. And you'll immediately enjoy the results of your efforts by preparing the evening meal for you and your guests.

Classes are available for one or more nights during your stay. Depending on the timing of your trip, you can also arrange to take a guided tour of the local farmers' market to learn about all the exotic local fruits and vegetables native to the area. Come and experience Costa Rica with all 5 senses!

chef chris

Chef Chris, a perennial favorite at Tulemar

Guest Comments about Chris…

“…the best Chipotle chicken any of us have ever had.”

“He is so passionate about cooking and you can taste it in every dish he makes.”

“The kitchen came alive, and we were so lucky to have Chris cook for us.”

chef chelsea

Chelsea Brandau honed her skills at Boston's finest restaurants

Guest Comments about Chelsea…


“Chelsea's dishes are presented with flair”

“She taught us how make crepes and pit avacados”

Surfing Classes

  • • Private instruction
  • • Times vary based on tide and surf conditions
  • • Three hour lesson - $65 per person, cash only

If you've always wanted to try, would like to get a little better or are just looking for a surf buddy…

Learning to ride the waves will give you a feeling of accomplishment you can carry with you into other aspects of your daily life. You'll become empowered for facing new challenges when you recall that fantastic feeling of success achieved when you first stand up.

chef chelsea


chef chris


Todd Pequeen (AKA “Massage Todd”) first came to Costa Rica from his native Buffalo, New York area in order to ride the waves. He's a knowledgeable and patient instructor, and we're sure you'll have a good time.

Diego Morales is our Costa Rican instructor who, like Todd, has spent a lot of time in his "baggies", riding the waves. Diego worked for Tulemar for 4 years prior to forming his own management company. He also serves as concierge for several of our properties, and is always happy to take you out for a lesson.

surfing lessons surfing lessons surfing lessons


Yoga Classes

  • • 1 hour private classes: $80, cash only (up to 6 people)
  • • Private classes scheduled in your villa
  • • Public classes located a short distance from Tulemar

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

For the regular yoga practitioner, our classes allow you to maintain your routine in your temporary setting. For the uninitiated and yoga-curious, yoga is an excellent way to enhance the stress-reducing effects of vacation and to experiment with something new. You've already broken your regular routine, and now you can start to work in something beneficial. Not just a workout, yoga is also about working on yourself.

Our instructor, Silvia Gfeller, became a certified Yoga instructor at the Pentalfa Academy in Sevilla, Spain. She brings joy, enthusiasm and love for yoga to her teaching, and her gentle guidance and knowledge is a great experience. Her classes have an atmosphere of challenge without competition or judgment and she attends to each student individually, which helps everyone feel the pose more deeply, making it more joyful. Mauricio and Dave met Silvia while attending her yoga classes.

silvia yoga classes in costa rica


costa rica yoga classes

Silvia and students

Photography Classes

  • • Private lessons
  • • 2-3 hours
  • • $85 per person, cash only
  • • Includes a hike to the Tulemar beach
sunset photograph

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” — Matt Hardy

Learn how to get the most out of your camera while here in Costa Rica!

With picture perfect backdrops and an array of wildlife, your camera is an important part of capturing memories on your vacation. Your lessons include a brief tutorial on photography and how it works (I will need to know your camera model when booking the class). We then will take a hike to the Tulemar beach to explore how to compose and create beautiful pictures.

Originally from Chicago, IL, Sarah Yunker graduated in 2007 from Columbia College with her Bachlor of Arts in photography. A freelance photographer, Sarah has worked on advertising, commercial, and editorial photoshoots. Her personal projects right now include landscapes, nature, and insects! To see more of Sarah's work look at www.sarahyunker.com or on facebook.

sarah yunker

Sarah Yunker

costa rica photog classes

Natural subjects abound

Spice Plantation Tour

  • • ½ day tour, morning or afternoon
  • • A real, working spice farm
  • • $50 per person, cash only
  • • Tour culminates in the “Flavors of the World” tasting
  • • Learn about the origins, history and traditional uses

Epicurians, gourmands, foodies: this one's for you.

Can you name the three most popular flavors in the world? If you can't, a trip to Villa Vanilla, a certified-organic spice plantation where they cultivate all three might be of interest to you.

Students and researchers from many countries visit Villa Vanilla to learn about their unique and sustainable process of raising and harvesting vanilla, coco and cinnamon — and now you can too! The tour covers everything from pollination to harvest and finishes up in the kitchen where there's a "tasting" that includes samples of homemade foods prepared with the spices produced on the farm.

Anyone who loves food and cooking or anyone curious about sustainable agriculture, botany and even history will enjoy the outdoor classroom at the spice plantation.

Watch the video

Cocoa in various states of processing

costa rica vanilla farm

Villa Vanilla

Spanish Lessons

  • • One Week Program – $390
  • • 4 1-hour classes each day, M - F
  • • Classes of 8 or fewer
  • • Two Week Program - $780 per person
  • • Three Week Program - $1,170 per person
  • • Four Week Program - $1,380 per person
— Rates subject to change —

Students and Faculty

Let us arrange Spanish classes for you and your family or guests! The campus is just a 5 minute walk from Tulemar.

Learning Spanish at COSI is exciting, efficient and very relaxed. Our methodology is based on the modern communicative approach emphasizing conversation; however, we are flexible and recognize each student's particular learning needs. Students will learn the language by using it in practical situations, facilitating their ability to think in Spanish.

The classes are well-organized and follow daily lesson plans. All teachers plan their day's classes in advance, in order to incorporate each student's particular needs.

outside class

View from the school