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What’s the weather like?
(May - November)

thru September is my favorite time of year. Yes, it's part of our "rainy season", but this is what you can expect. The mornings and early afternoons are sunny and hot. This is when you'll take your tours, head to the beach or explore Quepos. In the late afternoon, you'll probably get some rain, but it's a WARM tropical rain and people go about their "business as usual". I'm from Fresno and when it rains there you want to get inside by the fireplace; not here. During our afternoon showers, it may rain for an hour, three hours, the rest of the night or maybe not at all. It's weather and you never know. It's a great time for reading or napping or just sitting on the terrace and watching the rain over the ocean. During these months it's cooler (but still very warm-we're in the tropics!), it's cleaner, it's greener and there are less tourists here. My favorite time.

October is wet. It's the wettest month of our year. We average 30" of rain in October. If you come in October, you will get lots of rain, but it can also be a wonderful, quiet time in Manuel Antonio. My brother and his wife spend a week here each October; it's a nice change for them and they love the occasional lightning and thunder storm.

In November the green season is ending and Summer is slowly approaching. Expect rain, but not as much as October.

WEATHER - OUR SUMMER (December - April)

This is our "peak season" for good reason; it's hot, dry and beautiful while most of North America is COLD! You can expect mid to high 80's and lots of humidity. Beautiful, blue skies with lots of big, white clouds. Spectacular sunsets. Perfect days for the beach, tours and activities! Maybe an occasional afternoon shower once a week to cool things off.

The chart below shows an 8-year average monthly rainfall and high and low temperatures for the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area.

  Average temperature Avg. rain (mm) Average rain days
Low High
Jan 71 88 50 8
Feb 71 89 28 5
Mar 72 90 42 6
Apr 74 90 159 13
May 74 88 436 23
Jun 73 87 409 23
  Average temperature Avg. rain (mm) Average rain days
Low High
Jul 73 86 436 26
Aug 73 86 491 27
Sep 72 86 558 26
Oct 72 85 595 26
Nov 72 85 350 23
Dec 72 87 152 15